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The fundamentals of radioactivity properties, radionuclide decay, and methods of detection are included to provide the basis for a thorough understanding of the analytical procedures described in the book.

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Therefore, the Handbook can also be used as a teaching text. Radioisotope Decay. Gas Ionization Detectors. Handbook of Radioactivity Analysis Michael F. Nuclear Radiation Its Interaction with Matter.

Handbook of radioactivity analysis, second edition

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Handbook of Radioactivity Analysis

The Editor has assembled a wellrespected team of 27 other experts, from some 10 countries, to prepare the 15 chapters that make up this book. These chapters range widely over the subject, each presenting a comprehensive account of the current state of knowledge of the particular topic.

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  7. The book opens with a wide-ranging review of nuclear radiation, its interaction with matter and of radioactive decay; this is clear and reasonably easy to read with good explanations of the mathematics involved. The next chapter discusses gas ionization detectors and their applications to environmental monitoring of isotopes such as Pu or 55Fe. This is followed by discussions of solid-state nuclear track detectors and semiconductor detectors, each well illustrated by examples of applications.