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This Grudge (Vancouver sessions) è tratto dall'Album So-Called Chaos (bonus tracks)

Who is it weighing down With no gift from time of said healing [Chorus] Maybe as I cut the cord Veils will lift from my eyes Maybe as I lay this to rest Dead weight off my shoulders will rise Here I sit Much determined Ever ill-equipped To draw this curtain How this has entertained Validated And has served me well Ever the victim But who's done whining now? This Grudge song meanings.

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Add your thoughts 11 Comments. General Comment I pity alanis so much for having had to make such an expierience in her life. If there is something I DO know than it is that writing this song was just another senseless and good meant try to forget the love of her life.

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No Replies Log in to reply. There was an error. General Comment This song means a lot to me coz I can really realet to it - there will always be the one that I don't love anymore but has hurt me more than I think anyone ever will again, maybe because of simply how vulnerable I was at the time, and who will stick with me in my thoughts every day, every week, for the rest of my life - he is the one I will always have this grudge for, and the one I will never forgive, and the one that despite how much I hate him, has taught me all I know in terms of knowing what I want strongly enough now to never let that happen to me again.

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What man is it? Anyone know more about him? General Comment This song is good. Its obivous what she is talking about She is just ready to forgive a past love for what they did to her, after so many years of just not letting go, even if he isn't willin to. I swear! She was really young and he was 15 years older than her! General Comment such bull meghanl.

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She went to glebe highschool and lived a few blocks from me. I know some of her old teachers, and she used to babysit a bunch of my good friends when i was younger. Hands clean was not nearly as traumatic, and I don't think the "14 years" has something to do with her age. It's the amount of time the grudge has been alive. Also I don't get the impression that Alanis regrets that relationship, or that she was hurt so violently as this song implies.

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Hands Clean sounded so happy - like a good memory. This Grudge clearly isn't a very good memory.

And You Ougtha Know? No, really, not It's different feelings and although it's possible they all could apply to one relationship that would just seem wrong to me, and wrong if you listen to the feelings the songs evoke. Definitely or probably bad. Possibly bad. Not bad. Did they know they were upsetting, hurting or being unfair to you?

  1. This Grudge è tratto dall'Album So-Called Chaos.
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Yes, definitely. Not at all. Very serious. Somewhat serious. Not very serious. Was the effect upon you of what they did or said:. Very bad. Quite bad. Not so bad.