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Futhermore, I uploaded some texts on duolingo, where I will try to have a look on them an correct them to help you with learning.

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These are to famous speeches. By translating, you will make your own subtitles.

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The videos are linked in the discussion part, so you can hear, what you have translated. The written speech differs slightly but not much. And will try to keep also an eye on it, but it really is a very difficult one even if it is a really important one. If you have questions, use the discussion section. I will try to help you much as my time allows. You can also always ask me via my profil, if you like. Get started. Topic: German. German movies, TV shows, books, songs? February 15, Katherle Plus.

Dark King: Königliche Liebe (Abgeschlossen) (Dark Prince) (Volume 7) (German Edition)

February 17, March 12, February 19, February 16, February 18, Xiuhtecuhtli February 23, Oh, thanks for bringing this up. I agree - songs help a lot when it comes to languages. German Songs. February 20, September 22, Klaque January 30, And it is also true that the quality of German TV productions could be better.

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Hope that helps. Films older than 70 years are now public domain, also old german ones: There is also archive. February 21, The webside also has a podcast. February 22, I'm not familiar with wikigroups or anything similar and I didn't bother to read the rules which I now, thinking about it, regret. I don't know if it was ok that I just changed it, but at least here is an explanation why I did it. If I wasn't supposed to change anything then please change it back.

As an English speaker, "first come, first served" is certainly the accepted equivalent proverb in my context. To me, "who comes first eats first" makes little metaphorical sense. Perhaps they should both be up there? Certainly that gothic typeface Fraktur? Fortunately, Germany changed over to something more readable in WW2. User:syd , 21 Sep UTC. My language is dutch and yes there are some difficult things in german but so there are in dutch and english. But that's part of the fun in learning other languages. The only Germans I ever met who used this saying seriously, i. Perhaps the German who wrote, "We germans know that german is a difficult language" is one of the latter group.

A German attempting to claim in incorrect English that German is "hard" is like the pot calling the kettle black. When I do use this proverb "Deutsche Sprache It's usually not ment to be arrogant or self-righteous. Ich glaube Deutsch ist eine schoene Sprache und ist nicht sehr schwer zu lernen. I also know only the use in the context of a grammatical mistake made by oneself or by others.

I would not be suprised if other languages had equivalents. I could imagine that the perception of German as "hard" is because of a historical strong diversification by dialects and a comparatively late establishment of a specific language code, there are still many speakers today who prefer regional dialects with considerably deviant grammar. One might call it an adage rather than a proverb, and it is mostly used highly ironically. By the way "hard on the ears" would be expressed as "harte Sprache", not "schwer" which means only "hard" as in difficult, cannot mean "harsh sound" or "hard object".

I know this thread is nine years old, but as a German I have to point out that in "Deutsche Sprache, so schwere, makes you swear. Personally, I've never heard this proverb being said to a foreigner.

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This proverb is used among Germans to actually point out and make fun of another native speaker who did use incorrect grammar. So please, do not feel insulted as German-students, nor do we want to say that German is the most difficult language to learn. The hardest thing about German are most likely the very randomly picked articles, as everything else somehow has not only a pretty constant rule, but also similarities in other languages.

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  • Using the Dutch proverb page as a template, the German proverb pages has been ordered in Alphabetic Order. This makes it much easier to find things, and looks under control at last. The early bird catches the worm. Zweifel talk , 19 September UTC.

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    Kiddycat said 'My dictionary translates "qual" with "dolor" for am. As a native born English speaker, "Dolor" is a new word to me. Did she get the invitation? I need to get an overview of the situation. Can you get me a ticket? Can I get you anything in the city? OR Du begreifst es nicht, oder? Can you get the door? Can you get through to him? You can get me at this number. He got to his feet with difficulty. That gets to me. That really gets me down.

    When get has the sense of providing an opportunity I get to practise my German with Moni. My son keeps getting into trouble. We get along well. I really got a kick out of that. You always get me to laugh. Ein Deutschlerner muss tapfer sein. Deutsch macht dich bescheiden.

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    Deutsche Muttersprachler sind wirklich kreativ. Extra Links for Learners: Read the reasons above in German. Go to a pictorial index page of this blog. Discover them in a set of Tiny Cards. Springe zur Werkzeugleiste Anmelden Suchen.