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THF (30-10-2008) Tempelhof The last flight EVER

Latest news News Our news section keeps you updated with the latest information on all aspects of Berlin air transport. About us News Our news section keeps you updated with the latest information on all aspects of Berlin air transport. History The aviation history of the metropolitan region goes back a long way — from the former airfield in Johannisthal to the new Berlin Brandenburg Airport.

On our jobs board you will find the latest job advertisements. Environment Airport Landscape Park The band of parks and green spaces around the new Berlin Brandenburg Airport form an attractive landscape park. Environmental Management All processes at the airport are to be structured and managed to ensure full compliance with environmental legislation and regulations.

Other parts of the building are renovated to improve energy efficiency and converted into a creative and start-up centre.

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At the same time, Tegel and Tempelhof will be closed. A memorial designed by Eduard Ludwig still stands today, reminding us of the three air corridors and bearing the names of the 76 pilots who were killed in accidents during the Airlift. The work is later done by forced labourers brought in from countries occupied by Germany.

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However, this airport is never completed. The expansion of the airport also begins in It is the only airport in the world with a direct connection by underground U6, underground station Paradestrasse. But a small airport with two wooden buildings, each of them with an area of 1, square metres, is built instead.

Last call for Berlin's Tempelhof airport | World news | The Guardian

In September , he succeeds in staying in the air for one hour and sets a new world record for altitude of metres. A massive artillery barrage of Berlin took place on the evening of 27 April and early 28 April. James P O'Donnell interviewed key characters from Hitler's bunker immediately after the war.

O'Donnell made a point of tracing survivors of Hitler's Bunker after the war and interviewed of the most important ones. Speer before being flown out protested in his capacity as Berlin's chief planner about Baur desecrating trees for an emergency runway which were lining Unter den Liden. I am not suggesting Hitler did not die at Berlin. He also quoted Baur himself after the war saying "right up to the last day I could have flown the Fuhrer anywhere in the world".

Hitler however was determined to stay and commit suicide.

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O'Donnell refers P. Can anybody help me identify sources of information about these flights, or help identify pilots please?

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Another thing which O'Donnell wrote attracted my attention. He referred to Hanna Reitsch letting slip in her US Army interrogations that when she and von Greim went to fly out just before midnight on 28th April in an Arado 96 , that they saw a Ju parked with a pilot in attendance. Is anything known about this Ju or it's pilot?

Auf Wiedersehen Tempelhof: An Era Ends with Closing of Berlin Airport

Is there any book or web link available quoting Rietsch's interrogations verbatim? Was there ever a survey after the war of the Brandenburg Gate site detailing if any Ju wreck was found there? The standard, perhaps misleading account, is that these couriers all escaped 50 miles on foot through Russian lines along the Havel river to the Elbe, but astonishingly in his book O'Donnell p. Why is it that von Below flew when others before him were said to have escaped by foot?

Did they all fly out on Fegelein's Ju? Who flew von Below out and which aircraft was used? O'Donnell suggested that the Ju was sent by Himmler for Fegelein and others have suggested that Fegelein was tasked to return with Hitler's corpse as proof to the Allies.

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  7. It seems that by day Soviet Sturmoviks circled like vultures shooting up anything on the ground. By implication therefore, aircraft vacated the city before dawn each day and flew back each evening to collect couriers. Are there any credible surviving accounts of this the first Berlin Airlift? When Speer and baur claimed after the war that there were serious plans to fly Hitler out on 28th and 29th April , did they mean on the Ju which had flown in for Fegelein on the evening of 28 April and left again in the morning of 29 April?

    Also another interesting thing is that there were a couple of helicopters stationed in the area--I would like to know if these too were used Also I've never been able to figure out who was on the Fuhrer's personal aircraft, which made a one-way trip to Spain. Fegelein, perhaps??? Change it here DW. COM has chosen English as your language setting. COM in 30 languages. Deutsche Welle. Audiotrainer Deutschtrainer Die Bienenretter. From the Fringe Three Planes Left Behind as Tempelhof Closes it Doors When Berlin's iconic Tempelhof Airport closed Thursday, they may have checked that all the lights were out before they locked the doors for the last time but airport staff forgot to check if there were any planes left.

    Berlin Tempelhof Airport

    Tempelhof shut its impressive doors Thursday but staff left a few things behind. Others cleared for take-off This DC-4 was allowed to leave; others weren't so lucky. Date Related content.